Wild Game Processing

Now that you got your game, let us take care of the rest.

Open 7 Days a Week During Deer Season

Downtown Meats Wild Game Processing

We guarantee the meat you bring in is the meat you get back!

Wild game we process: Venison, Elk, Bear, Antelope, Moose, Caribou, Goose, Pheasant, Duck, Wild Boar, Wild Turkey

We skin immediatey, so deer CANNOT be frozen solid!

50% deposit required when dropping off product.

Keep your meat clean:

  • Only clean trimmings accepted.
  • We will not accept any meat that is bloodshot, fatty, full of hair, freezer burnt, or old.
  • If you are unable to bring your meat in immediately, freeze it fresh right away in a freezer safe bag. (Clean double bread bags will work)
  • If your animal is hide-less, the carcass must be clean and free of hair, dirt, etc.
  • Rinse inside of carcass before bringing it in. Any feces or other extreme mess left to clean will incur an added charge.
  • First come first serve. You will be getting YOUR OWN meat back in the order it was brought in.
  • Smoke products are processed at the beginning of the New Year.
  • All wild game brought in during the month of December will be processed after January 1st.

Wild Game Processing Prices


Whole Deer (Cut/Grind/Wrap) = $90

Individual Quarters Deer = $18/each

Whole or Quarted Other (Bear. Moose, Elk, Etc.) = $0.99/lb

*Skinning Deer or Antelope = $40

Cape Deer for Mounting = $65

*Skinning Bear, Elk, Moose = $75

Grind and Wrap 1 – 1.5/LB packs = $0.90/lb.

Grind Only (5LB Minimum) = $0.50/lb.

Vacuum Packaging = $1/lb.

Beef, Pork, Suet, Bacon Ends/Pieces = Current Market Value

Antlers Skull Capped = $5

    • If you want the antlers let us know at time of drop off or they will be discarded.

*HIDE – The hide becomes ours when we skin it. If you wish to keep it, let us know immediately, $10 will be added to your bill.

Fresh Uncooked Sausage

*Fresh Sausage requires 7.5 lbs. of wild game minimum for a 12.5 lb. batch. This meat block is what you will get charged on. 12.5 lb. Batch @ Price/lb. = Total Price

Bulk @ $2.30/lb. = $28.75

  • Mild, Sweet, or Hot Italian
  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Maple Sausage

Bulk @ $3/lb. = $37.50

  • Bacon Breakfast Sausage
  • Chorizo
  • Wild Rice Breakfast Sausage

Brat Size Sausages @ $3/lb. = $37.50

  • Bratwurst, Italian, Polish, Kielbasa

Jerky & Bacon:

*Requires 12LBs wild game. 12LB Batch @ Price/lb. = Total Price

Whole Muscle Jerky @ $6/lb. = $72

Ground and Formed @ $4/lb. = $48

  • Old Fashioned, Campfire, Teriyaki, and More

Bacon @ $4/lb. = $48

Smoked/Cooked Products:

Requirements: All our smoked and cooked products are a 25 lb. meat block. 15 lbs. of wild game minimum is required for a batch. You are charged for the meat block. 25 lb. Batch @ Price/lb. = Total Price

Steam Cooked @ $3.50/lb. = $87.50

  • Classic Brat, Beer Brat, Onion and Garlic Brat

Smoked Brats @ $3.50/lb. = $87.50

  • Polish, Kielbasa, Choriso, Andouille, Dinner Frank

Smoked Specialty Brats @ $4.25/lb. = $106.25

Snack Sticks @ $4.50/lb. = $112.50

  • Beef, Teriyaki, Beer, Honey, BBQ, Pepperoni, and more

Specialty Sticks @ $5.25/lb. = $131.25

Summer Sausage @ $3.50/lb. = $87.50

  • Tangy, Garlic, Mild and more!

Specialty Summer Sausage @ $4.25/lb. = $106.25

Hot Dogs @ $4.00/lb. = $100.00

Specialty Items Include

Any Combo, no more than 2 Items

  • HIgh Temp Cheese
  • Jalapenos
  • Wild Rice
  • Bacon

Products to process your own game.

  • High Temp Cheese
  • Casings
  • Spices & Cures

Call with questions, or to get after-hours info.